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Fantasy Game Console

Pixel Vision 8 is a next generation 8-bit fantasy game console. Don't just make games, design your system's specs to match actual hardware, or create something new.

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Thousands of developers support, contribute, and make games with Pixel Vision 8. Come join our growing community.


Share your games with others

Pixel Vision 8 has built in tools to quickly help you not only create games from scratch but share them with others on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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1. Create

Code games in Lua or C# .

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2. Play

Run games inside of PV8.

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3. Share

Export games as PV8 disks.

Tools for making 8-bit games

Wanting to make games that look and feel like they were from the 80s doesn't mean you have to use tools from that era! Enjoy a rich user interface that merges the modern luxuries of today's computers with the nostalgia of 1985.

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No command line

Full desktop experience

You'll be right at home with an easy to use icon-based file system made up of a desktop, windows, and full drag and drop support. Pixel Vision OS also includes built-in tools like a text editor, image previewer, and settings manager to make working with game projects easier.

  • Custom 8-bit OS
  • Full keyboard and mouse support
  • Built-in tools
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Unique workflow

Use external editors

You can use Pixel Vision OS or your computer’s file system to create folders, add PV8 games or create files in the Workspace folder. Any changes you make on your computer will show up in Pixel Vision OS’s Workspace drive.

Pixel Vision 8 Roadmap

Development on Pixel Vision 8 is a combination of a small core team and help from the community. The following roadmap represents the direction the project will be building towards over the next few releases.


Early Access

The first stable build that offers a preview of how PV8 will work.



Finalize all tools, APIs, and features heading into a stable 1.x release.


Stable Build

All features and tools are locked. This build represents the first stable build of PV8.



Rewrite the renderer, clean up the APIs, and update all of the tools to increase performance across all platforms.



With a finalized build, work will begine on making PV8 work on consoles, mobile, and ARM SOC based computers.

Help Support Pixel Vision 8

Pixel Vision 8 is an open-source project. One of the ways you can help support development is to become a paid subscriber to our mailing list.

  • Product updates
  • Premium tutorials
  • Support development
Out of the box, Pixel Vision 8 has built-in tools to create custom sprites, tilemaps, sounds, and more for your games, but why stop there? PV8's unique "chip system" gives you full control over all of a game's limitations such as resolution, system colors, the number of sprites that can be rendered, and even how big a game's disk is. The only limitation is your imagination!
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